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Horridon HC
26/06/2013 08:55 AM by Yazarchy.

Hurrah! The big fat dino is dead!


Hang on! Didn't we have a Rogue with us?!??Dabeasty at 26/06/2013 02:40 PM
Iron Qon HC
05/06/2013 05:45 PM by Yazarchy.

Now Iron Qon is really gone! :D


/salute to the tanks on this one ;-)

Dabeasty at 06/06/2013 07:20 AM
And to the healers actually having watched the vid!!Dabeasty at 06/06/2013 12:10 PM
Ji-Kun HC
26/05/2013 06:15 PM by Yazarchy.

Big bird deaded!


None yet.

And so the HC fun begins!
06/05/2013 04:46 PM by Yazarchy.

First boss deaded. Now, whose next?


Can't believe you took the picture when I wasn't back!!!Alandrin at 07/05/2013 10:15 AM
Lei Shen
21/04/2013 10:32 PM by Yazarchy.

In 7 lockouts we've got Lei Shen deaded.

Nice work all! Heroics next!

Lets smash!!


Good job all on the kill and the practice runs earlier in the week, a solid effort by all of our raiders Dabeasty at 21/04/2013 10:41 PM
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